Saturday, December 15, 2007


Yol Jamendang and the Sword of Chorva
Part 1: You think you own whatever land Yolando

One day, Yol Jamendang realized that he wanted to be different, just like everybody else. So he left his kingdom to find an oracle who could tell him what he needed to do to be rich and famous. I need to go to the Banawe Rice terraces, he told his mother as she was about to ask him to buy some vinegar for her adobo. Okay, his mother said.

When he arrived, he saw an old man planting seedlings on one of the topmost terraces, the one nearest to the heavens. Hey man wassup? He said as he approached the man. Wassup Yol? Replied the old man. I’m here because my heart told me to come here, Yol said. No, you’re here because you want to be the Bad Boy of Blog. Well, that’s easy. Just keep the updates coming. And stop posting stuff that don’t got no point man. It’s irritating, explained the old man. Wow, Yol replied. I’ll think about that, he added. That’s right, think, said the old man. And while you’re doing that, help me plant these seedlings.

I’ve been wondering, Yol said after quite a while, why this place is called Banawe Rice Terraces. I mean, it’s not even Filipino. It’s not even Ifugao, he said.

At bigla na lang, nagliwanag ang paligid.



At 1:13 AM, Anonymous gemlichunlisamebanana said...

cliffhanger, sir.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous isma said...

yol belated!!! tumanda ka na naman ng isang taon pero wala ka pa rin bang buhok sa kili-kili? hehehe

more bdays to come!


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